Key West Art Walk

Key West, FL 33040

(305) 850-8343


The Key West Art Walk offers a unique and culturally rich experience that captures the essence of Key West's creative spirit. The walk typically includes guided tours through various galleries and studios, showcasing a range of artwork from local artists as well as internationally renowned pieces. These tours often start in the historic seaport area and provide an in-depth look at the artistic evolution of Key West, from the 1930s to the present day.

Key West itself is known for its quirky character, reflected in the creative ways locals dress and decorate their bikes, scooters, and cars. This creativity spills over into the town's vibrant art scene, which is visible in its numerous galleries and the constant schedule of art openings and events. The art walks are not just about viewing art but also involve experiencing the unique culture of Key West, including its music and performance arts.

One notable figure in the Key West Art Walk is Max Irwin, a homegrown artist and musician who developed these walking tours to honor the legacy of Key West's artistic community. Irwin's tours are designed to walk visitors through the island's artistic evolution, blending cultural and architectural history with art in a way that immerses participants in the town's unique atmosphere.

The Key West Art Walk also aligns with broader art events in the city, such as ART! Key West, a formal art festival that includes a range of artistic expressions from performance art and sculpture to interactive art and musical performances. This festival is an island-wide celebration focusing on downtown Key West's artists, galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and art-focused emporiums.

For those looking to explore Key West's art scene more casually, there are monthly Key West Art Walks, such as the Walk on White held on the third Thursday of every month. This event is centered around The Studios of Key West and includes open-door receptions where attendees can meet artists in their studios and view current exhibitions.

These art walks and events offer a fantastic way for visitors to experience the creative heartbeat of Key West, providing a blend of artistic exploration and cultural immersion.