Fringe Theater KW

600 White St, Key West, FL 33040

(305) 731-0581


Fringe Theater Key West offers a unique theatrical experience in Key West, emphasizing short runs, limited seating, and local talent. This community-focused theater creates opportunities for the public to engage with theater through various activities including education, outreach, and entertainment. The theater's commitment to developing Key West's talent and providing access to the arts is evident in its diverse programming and inclusive approach.

Founded in 2009 as The People's Theater of Key West, the organization evolved into Fringe Theater Key West under the leadership of local playwright and philanthropist Monnie King in 2011. The theater's motto, "Expect the Unexpected," reflects its unconventional approach, staging plays in various venues like churches, museums, and art galleries. Their productions have included original plays capturing Key West's history, like "Conch Republic, the Musical," and educational programs such as Shakespeare in Schools.

Fringe Theater Key West has seen significant growth and development over the years, expanding its season, audience base, and commitment to local talent. They have found a home at the Armory and continue to produce an exciting array of original plays, classics, and readings, alongside outreach and education programs. In 2023, the executive committee underwent changes, with Jim Argoudelis becoming the board president, guiding the theater into an even more ambitious season.

For more information on their current and upcoming shows, special events, and educational initiatives, you can visit their homepage and their special events page. Additionally, you can learn more about their history and mission on their "Our Story" page.