Honest Eco Tours

231 Margaret St, Key West, FL 33040

(305) 294-6306


The "All the Above" tour by Honest Eco in Key West offers an immersive eco-tourism experience combining kayaking, dolphin watching, snorkeling, and an organic lunch. The tour starts with a journey on the electric vessel Squid to a mangrove island, providing a unique opportunity to kayak through the Key West National Wildlife Refuge. After kayaking, the tour continues with a guided snorkeling adventure in calm waters rich in marine life. A significant highlight is the chance to observe wild bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat, with a strong emphasis on respectful and safe observation practices. The experience is complemented by an organic vegetarian lunch from the local cafe Date and Thyme, showcasing the tour's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Lasting approximately 5 to 6 hours, this tour is ideal for those looking to connect with nature and learn about conservation efforts in a small group setting. More details and booking options are available on Honest Eco's website.