The Key West Fishing Tournament: A Six-Month Saga of Scales and Thrills

From January through June, the Key West Fishing Tournaments will turn the waters of Key West and the Lower Keys into a battleground for anglers, a stage for marine gladiators. Let’s reel in the upcoming highlights.

January’s Chilly Start: Kingfish Mayhem Kicking off the season, the Key West Kingfish Mayhem (Jan. 11-14) will be more than just a casual cast. With a $10,000 jackpot for the heaviest kingfish, it’s set to be a high-stakes game for those fishing for glory. This won’t be just any fish tale; it’s a statement event for the Kingfish Mayhem Pro Series elite. For more info, anglers can check out, or drop a line at

February’s Fast-Paced Cuda Bowl February (8-10) will bring the Cuda Bowl, where flats anglers and guides will battle barracudas in the shallows. South of the Seven on Sugarloaf Key will buzz with activity, hosting a showdown that rewards both spin and fly divisions, with a special nod to top-scoring female and junior anglers. Details will be a click away at

March’s Merkin Madness The March Merkin Invitational Permit Tournament (March 11-14), a charity-driven flats-and-fly-only contest, will throw down the gauntlet for permit chasers. Based at Oceans Edge Resort & Marina, anglers will vie for elite titles in a dance of catch and release. Visit for the scoop.

April Showers Bring Shark Powers April will see two big splashes: the Spanish Fly Shark Tournament (April 5-7), a bull shark catch-and-release fest with a twist of science, and the inaugural Key West Sailfish Tournament (April 11-13), a high-octane two-day shootout. Shark enthusiasts can hit up, while sailfish seekers can sail over to

June: Dolphin Domination June will be all about the dolphin fish. The 31st Annual Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce Dolphin Tournament (June 7-9) will dangle over $35,000 in prizes, with a whopping $20,000 for the biggest catch over 50 pounds (visit The VFW Fishing Tournament (June 14-16) will mix family fun with serious cash and philanthropy (contact The Gator Club and Florida Keys PBA Dolphin Tournaments (June 20-23 and 21-23) will round out the month with mystery and charity at the helm. For more on these fin-filled fiestas, anglers can set their course to

The first half of 2024’s Key West's Fishing Tournaments won’t be just about the fish; it’s shaping up to be an epic saga of scales, sea, and suspense. Stay tuned for the next chapter!