Summertime in Key West

Sometimes, summertime is the best time in Key West to take advantage of the smaller crowds and experience an authentic Key West stay. Many Bed and Breakfasts in Key West's Historic Old Town District offer discounted rates during the summer, allowing you to stay near all the attractions, bars with live music venues, charters, restaurants, shops, and tours!
Key West Tourist offers a list of almost 50 Bed and Breakfasts to compare, helping you discover the unique stay you desire. Most have direct links to these Bed and Breakfasts, though some are available through our affiliate programs, which support our website. Feel free to support us if you like our website and take advantage of the many direct booking sales offers available in the summer as well.
We continuously post special sales promotions with direct links to many Key West businesses, helping you find the deals you’re looking for year-round.
Enjoy your summer and please visit Key West Tourist .