Lower Keys’ Spanish Fly Music Fest: Where Idol Meets Island Vibes

RAMROD KEY, Florida Keys — Get ready for a blend of musical talents and heartfelt causes at the sixth annual Spanish Fly Music Festival in the Lower Florida Keys. The spotlight's on Kate Watson, a voice you might remember from “American Idol,” and a lineup of local and regional talents set to rock the stage.

Scheduled for a Sunday afternoon chill session (1-6 p.m., Jan. 28), the event unfolds at Boondocks Grille & Draft House & Miniature Golf — a spot as quirky as its name, located at mile marker 27.5 on the scenic Florida Keys Overseas Highway.

Here's the heartwarming bit: the fest pays tribute to José Wejebe, a charter captain and TV fishing show star whose legacy lives on through the José Wejebe Memorial Foundation. After Wejebe's tragic end in a 2012 plane crash, the foundation picked up his rod, continuing his work in marine conservation, community support, and turning fishing dreams into reality.

Back to the fest: Watson, who turned heads in 2019's American Idol, is all set to headline with her country tunes straight from the heart. The musical menu also boasts Kaira Jayde, Circa 22, Jack Fivecoate, and Fried Newt – a mix that promises something for every ear.

But wait, there's more than just tunes. Attendees can snag cool stuff at live and silent auctions, test their luck in raffles, or swing some mini-golf. Kids get their share of fun too, with magic shows and other activities.

For the full scoop on this mix of music and goodwill, check out josewejebefoundation.org. It's more than just a fest; it's a chance to groove for a cause.