Live Music Is Back in Key West and Better than Ever!

As the 24th Annual Key West Songwriters Festival comes to a close with another wildly successful long weekend of great music as phenomenal singers, songwriters and some of the best damn storytellers in the nation flooded our little island with their lavishly wise tales of loves found, lost, and squandered away with fortunes and adventure, we were blessed with many talents offering up great fun and entertainment for all, while stoking the local economy as we all get back on our feet.
Live music has effectively made an amazing come back after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. In the past year alone we have seen a variety of national music talent, exceptional acts, coming to town. Most of these promotions have been sponsored through the Key West Theater and the Coffee Butler Amphitheater concert venue, but the local bars have really stepped up sponsorship and activities toward supporting the live music scene and its artists!
We look forward to a great new year of music with new bigger names and concerts to enjoy and will be greatly anticipating the return for the 25th Annual key West Songwriters Festivals 25th Annual celebration next year!