Key West's Most Popular in 2024

Here are some of the most popular and highly reviewed restaurants in Key West as of 2024:

Latitudes - Located on Sunset Key, Latitudes offers a romantic dining experience with stunning ocean views. It's known for its fine dining menu featuring fresh seafood and American cuisine. Advanced reservations are required due to limited seating.

Blue Heaven - A local legend, Blue Heaven is famous for its eclectic menu and laid-back atmosphere. It's a must-visit for brunch, offering dishes like lobster eggs Benedict and key lime pie in a colorful, outdoor setting.

Hot Tin Roof - This upscale restaurant at Ocean Key Resort serves American and seafood dishes with a Caribbean flair. It's renowned for its breathtaking sunset views and delicious dishes like mac and cheese with shrimp and andouille sausage.

Seaside Cafe at the Mansion - Located at the Southernmost House, this cafe is praised for its pizza, seafood, and refreshing cocktails. The oceanfront dining experience is a big draw for both locals and visitors.

Garbo's Grill - A popular food truck, Garbo's Grill offers a mix of classic and fusion dishes, including Korean-style shrimp and New England lobster rolls. It's a favorite spot for a quick and flavorful meal.

Prime Steakhouse - Known for its high-quality steaks and elegant atmosphere, Prime Steakhouse is a top choice for fine dining in Key West. The 24-oz bone-in ribeye steak is particularly recommended.

Café Marquesa - Located in the Marquesa Hotel, this restaurant offers a sophisticated yet approachable menu featuring fresh Key West seafood and expertly cooked meats with a Southern twist.

Southernmost Beach Cafe - Overlooking the bright blue waters near the Southernmost Point, this cafe serves Caribbean-American dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. The fresh catch of the day is a highlight.

The Breakfast Club, Too - A favorite for breakfast and brunch, this cafe is known for its lobster Benedict and friendly atmosphere. It's a great spot to start your day in Key West.

Kaya Island Eats - Offering Caribbean and Polynesian-inspired dishes, Kaya Island Eats is known for its flavorful wings, pork sliders, and fresh seafood entrees.

These restaurants are celebrated for their unique offerings, great service, and the quintessential Key West dining experience they provide.​ 

Antonia's and Louie's Backyard remain highly regarded restaurants in Key West, but recent reviews suggest they are no longer in the absolute top tier of popular eateries based on user reviews and current trends. I personally love this about two of my all time favorites since I prefer a less tourist trending restaurant. As long as they don't dissapear like Jordan's or Cafe Des Artist. So many missed.

Louie's Backyard
Louie's Backyard is still a beloved establishment known for its beautiful oceanfront setting and high-quality cuisine. Reviewers praise the restaurant for its polished service and delicious dishes, such as the tuna with miso broth and the highly recommended lobster appetizer. The restaurant provides a romantic dining experience with both indoor and outdoor seating options, making it ideal for special occasions​​.

Antonia's continues to be a staple in Key West for Italian cuisine. Celebrated for its homemade bread, olive oil, and pasta and elegant yet welcoming atmosphere, it remains a favorite for those seeking traditional Italian dishes. Diners appreciate the fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the skillful preparation of classic Italian meals​​.

While these restaurants are cherished for their quality and ambiance, other establishments such as Latitudes, Blue Heaven, and Hot Tin Roof are currently receiving higher overall rankings and more frequent mentions in top restaurant lists for 2024. These spots offer unique dining experiences, picturesque views, and a variety of culinary delights that are currently resonating more with both locals and visitors​ 

Never forget the fun of discovering a new Key West Restaurant

Bob's on Margaret
Bob's on Margaret is a relatively new addition to the Key West dining scene, located at 532 Margaret Street. It has quickly garnered attention for its seafood-centric menu and casual yet stylish atmosphere. Here are some highlights:

Cuisine: Specializes in seafood with dishes like swordfish, escargot, and rack of lamb.
Ambiance: Offers both indoor and outdoor seating, including a private room for small groups.
Service: Known for attentive service and a welcoming atmosphere.
Reviews: Generally positive, with patrons praising the quality of food and overall dining experience​ (OpenTable)​​ (Louie's Backyard)​.
Bob's on Margaret is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area and looking for a new spot to try.