Key West 'Conch Honk' to Showcase Shell Serenades March 4

The annual Key West Conch Shell Blowing Contest is set to take place Saturday, March 4th in the Oldest House Museum's lush garden. This unique event draws people eager to show off their pucker power, in a tradition that has been alive in Key West for centuries.

The conch shell has long been a symbol of the Florida Keys, starting with natives from the Calusa tribe using it as a way to communicate over long distances. Seafarers used the shells as signaling devices in the 1800s, and the meat of the mollusk is a main ingredient in two of the islands' signature dishes.

The contest is presented by the Old Island Restoration Foundation and invites entrants of all ages to compete for free. While most competitors only manage a few blasts, a few past "pucker pros" have created recognizable snippets of classic rock, show tunes, and even the complex composition, "Sabre Dance."

Judges will evaluate the quality, duration, loudness, and novelty of the sounds produced by contestants, and awards will be given out in multiple categories. This event is free for both competitors and spectators, and will be open from 10am to 2pm.

This offbeat contest celebrates the history and culture of the Florida Keys, and promises to be a fun and unique event for the whole family.

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