June 4 Coralpalooza to Combine Diving in Three Keys Regions and Land-Based Fun

This Saturday, June 4, is Coralpalooza - an annual event hosted by the Coral Restoration Foundation in recognition of World Oceans Day. This year, Coralpalooza will feature in-person reef diving spanning from Key Largo to Key West, making it one of the world's largest coral restoration efforts.

The event helps raise awareness about the importance of preserving and conserving the continental United States' only living coral barrier reef, which parallels the Florida Keys. Hundreds of recreational divers from across the nation will join the effort to outplant corals on reefs off Key Largo, Marathon, and Key West during the Coralpalooza Dive Day.

For those who are not certified divers, there will also be a land-based event at the Murray Nelson Cultural Center. The day will be filled with booths from ocean conservation organizations, ocean-themed carnival events, and a live performance by CRF's "edutainment" mascot Captain Coral.

All proceeds from Coralpalooza event registrations and donations will go towards CRF's efforts to restore reefs in the Florida Keys and other areas of the world. This is a great opportunity to help support a worthy cause and learn more about our oceans and the creatures that call it home.