Hooked on Science: The Secret Sauce Behind Successful Sportfishing

ISLAMORADA, Florida Keys -- It’s not just about the bait and tackle. At the upcoming SaltWater Sportsman National Seminar Series, the spotlight’s on the science that turns a good day of fishing into a great one. Picture this: Saturday, Jan. 27, at Coral Shores Performing Arts Center (mile marker 89.9, oceanside), where the angling elite meet.

The star? Dr. John Stieglitz from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School. He’s teaming up with George Poveromo and Captain Mark Schmidt, plus a lineup of Florida Keys’ finest fishing captains. What’s on the hook? A deep dive into how the environment, moon phases, and those pesky tides influence the elusive art of landing the big one.

Poveromo’s all in on Solunar Tables. If you’re scratching your head, think of these as the fisherman’s secret calendar. They’ve been around since 1936 (thanks, John Alden Knight!), and Poveromo swears by them for predicting when fish are most likely to bite. “It’s almost like magic, but it’s science,” he says.

The seminar, running from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., isn’t just a lecture fest. Poveromo, of Discovery network fame, and Schmidt, a record-holding Key West guide, promise a day packed with insider tips and techniques. Joining them are captains Jimmy Gagliardini, Jim Willcox, and the whole gang, ready to spill on reading oceans and mastering tides.

For $65, you’re not just buying wisdom. There’s a 2024 course textbook, a Salt Water Sportsman magazine subscription, and even a shot at winning a guided Keys fishing trip. And the cherry on top? The chance to win a Mako Pro Skiff 17.

But wait, there’s more. Post-seminar party at World Wide Sportsman, because who doesn’t love a good fishing tale over a cold one? Tickets? Grab them at nationalseminarseries.com. And guess who’s backing Poveromo’s show? The Monroe County Tourist Development Council.

So, ready to transform your fishing game? It’s more science than you think.