Hook, Line, and Sinker: The Spanish Fly Shark Tournament Makes a Splash in the Keys

Buckle up, fishing aficionados, because the inaugural Spanish Fly Shark Tournament is ready to reel you in from April 5-7. This all-release tourney is not just any fishing event—it's a tribute to the legendary Florida Keys charter captain and TV personality, Jose Wejebe. Organized by the foundation bearing his name, the tournament aims to spice up the competitive fishing scene with a side of conservation.

The tournament, anchored at the prestigious Key West Yacht Club, is rolling out the red carpet for 50 teams, split evenly between inshore and offshore divisions. Only the bravest anglers daring to chase bull sharks will compete for the ultimate bragging rights and some seriously artsy mahogany trophies crafted by master artist David Wirth.

But wait, there's more—aside from glory, there's cold hard cash on the line for those who opt into special entry categories. Remember, though, it's bull sharks or bust, as they're the stars of the show. And for the love of Neptune, hands off the sharks! No touching allowed; it's all about catch and release.

The action kicks off with a must-attend soirée and captain's meeting at the Yacht Club's gazebo on April 5. Don't forget your NOAA Fisheries’ Highly Migratory Species permit, now with added shark flair, or you'll be watching from the docks.

Ready your reels for two full days of fishing within the magical waters of the Keys (just steer clear of those swim zones). Make sure your catches are app-approved and logged by 6:30 p.m. daily to stay in the running for those prizes.

Following Sunday's showdown, it's all about the awards dinner at the Yacht Club, where winners will claim their trophies and, perhaps, a bit of cash.

If you're itching to join, snag your spot online for $475 per team until March 29, or pony up $500 at the door. Each team gets up to four anglers plus a captain—who's also welcome to fish.

Your participation does more than feed your competitive spirit; it supports the Jose Wejebe Memorial Foundation, a tribute to Wejebe's dedication to conservation, education, and making fishing dreams a reality after his tragic passing in 2012.

For more details or to register, navigate to keywestsharktournament.com. Get ready to cast your line and make some waves in this one-of-a-kind tournament. It's not just about fishing; it's about honoring a legacy and contributing to a cause. See you in the Keys!