Creative Cuisine to Tempt Attendees at Taste of Key West April 25

If you're looking for a taste of Key West, you'll want to check out the Taste of Key West event. On Monday, April 25, chefs from local restaurants, catering companies, food trucks and more will gather to create small-plate offerings influenced by the Florida Keys' seafaring heritage, subtropical climate and multicultural atmosphere.

You can indulge your appetites by sampling everything from savory appetizers and casual tidbits to gourmet main dish "bites" and decadent desserts. In addition, you can select your choice of wines from around the world. A large beer selection is also available.

The event is free to attend, and you can purchase a package that includes a plate, commemorative wine glass or pint beer glass and 20 tickets to be exchanged for food and beverages. "Tastes" typically "cost" three to six tickets each.

If you're looking for a fun date night, you can also purchase the "date night" package for two people, which includes a choice of two glasses, two plates and 50 tickets.

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