Island Vibe Charters Key West

Key West, FL 33040

(305) 509-2186


Island Vibe Charters in Key West offers a unique and personalized experience with their private sandbar and reef snorkeling charters. Catering to both families and groups of adults, they provide a private 28’ boat, ideal for various activities like swimming in clear waters, relaxing on sandbars, and exploring diverse marine life including dolphins, turtles, and sharks. They pride themselves on accessing exclusive destinations, away from the usual tourist spots, ensuring a truly unique island adventure. Their services are customizable, whether you're seeking thrilling adventures or a peaceful day at sea. For more information or to book a charter, you can reach out to them at (305) 509-2186 or, and also follow their social media on Facebook and Instagram for updates and client testimonials. This makes Island Vibe Charters a perfect choice for those looking to immerse themselves in the authentic 'Keys Island Vibe' during their Key West visit.