Saturday Wine Tasting at the Roost: California Dreaming

When: June 29, 2024 2:00 PM

Where: Williams Hall, 729 Fleming St, Key West, FL 33040

Saturday Wine Tasting Event

The Roost, a fine cocktail bar in Key West, Florida, hosts weekly Saturday Wine & Food Pairings featuring local sommelier Daniel McCurdy, who guides attendees through tasting unique wines from different regions paired with complimentary culinary creations from Chef Martha.
Exploring Chenin Blanc: A Global Journey
Chenin Blanc is a fascinating white grape variety that has captured the hearts of wine lovers around the world. Originating in France's Loire Valley, this versatile grape has found a second home in South Africa, where it was introduced in the 17th century and is now the country's most widely planted variety. Chenin Blanc's journey has also taken it to other wine regions, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, where winemakers are crafting distinctive expressions of this chameleon-like grape. From the crisp, mineral-driven wines of the Loire to the rich, complex bottlings of South Africa and the fresh, fruity styles found elsewhere, Chenin Blanc offers a diverse range of flavors and styles to explore. Its ability to adapt to different terroirs and winemaking techniques has made it a beloved choice for wine enthusiasts seeking something unique and delightful.
Meet the Sommelier: Daniel McCurdy's Wine Insights
Daniel McCurdy, the local sommelier at The Roost in Key West, Florida, brings his passion and expertise to the weekly Saturday Wine Tasting events. With an educational approach, McCurdy guides attendees through a curated selection of wines from various regions, sharing insights on the unique characteristics and stories behind each bottle. From exploring the nuances of Pinot Noir from Burgundy to showcasing the diversity of wines from the Pacific Northwest, McCurdy's tastings offer a delightful journey for wine enthusiasts and novices alike. His engaging style and depth of knowledge create an enriching experience that goes beyond simply tasting wine, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art of winemaking and the regions that shape each glass.
Culinary Creations by Chef Martha
Chef Martha, the talented pastry chef and owner of Happy Chicken Bakery, brings her culinary expertise to The Roost's Saturday Wine Tasting events, crafting delectable dishes to pair with the featured wines. Drawing inspiration from her childhood on her parents' farm and her international culinary experiences, including training in Italy and Scotland, Martha creates stunning culinary creations that showcase her passion for farm-to-table cuisine and her commitment to supporting local businesses. From savory appetizers to irresistible desserts, Martha's dishes are a testament to her skill and creativity in the kitchen, delighting attendees with flavors that perfectly complement the wines selected by sommelier Daniel McCurdy.