Andy Summers of The Police

When: November 12, 2024 8:00 PM

Where: Key West Theater, 512 Eaton St, Key West, FL 33040

Andy Summers' 2006 autobiography, One Train Later, became a smash hit, crowned the UK's number one music book of the year. Fast forward to 2015, his story hit the silver screen with Can’t Stand Losing You, followed by a DVD release and his new album, Metal Dog. He didn't stop there, releasing two more albums, Triboluminesence and Harmonics of the Night. His photography wowed audiences, shattering records at the Pavillion Populaire in France and touring Leica galleries across Europe and the US. In a unique collaboration, Leica and Fender created the limited-edition "Monocaster," featuring Andy's black and white photos. His creative streak continued with a 2021 book of short stories, Fretted and Moaning. Teaming up with Rodrigo Santos and Joao Barone in 2023, their trio, Call the Police, rocked South America. Andy's reimagined classics, including an instrumental Roxanne, showcased his timeless talent. Honored in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Guitar Player Hall of Fame, and awarded France's Chevalier De L’Ordre Des Arts et Des Lettres, Andy Summers is a living legend. This summer, he's bringing his multi-media show, The Cracked Lens and a Missing String, to the US and Canada, promising an unforgettable experience.

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