Ericson Holt at Two Friends Patio Restaurant & Bar

When: Friday, Jun 16, 2023 - 9:30 a.m.

Where: 512 Front St, Key West, FL 33040

Ericson Holt’s music examines the complexities of life, exploring the almosts and the in-betweens, the missed chances and the could-have-beens, the close calls and the never-quites. His captivating new album "99 Degrees" dives into this dichotomy, breathing life into stories of everyday people struggling to get by. The music takes inspiration from 70's AM rock and soulful folk to raucous boogie woogie and second line funk.

Holt’s career in music began at a young age, taking up the piano and guitar and learning the Nashville number system of writing out chord charts with the help of his cousin. He gained recognition as a first-call session player and sideman, touring with country star Lari White, and performing alongside well-known acts like The Mavericks, Allison Moorer, Mike Farris, Jim Lauderdale, Rodney Crowell and Delbert McClinton.

Having released two albums previously, Holt knew his next project needed to be something different. He assembled an all-star band of Nashville heavyweights and recorded the majority of the album in just two days, creating raw, spontaneous, organic performances that capture the excitement and intensity of his live shows.

The album dives into the power structure in America that perpetuates disparity, as well as the need for human connection. Holt’s characters find hope and beauty in the simple act of survival, a sentiment that is perhaps best encapsulated in the title track, “99 Degrees”. With this album, Holt is certainly living the dream.

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