Thirsty Mermaid

521 Fleming Ave, Key West, FL 33040

(305) 204-4828


The Thirsty Mermaid in Key West is a seafood restaurant known for its fresh local catch, oysters, and a full raw bar. It offers a casual and friendly atmosphere, where visitors can enjoy the freshest seafood from both East and West Coasts. The restaurant is also noted for its selection of craft beers and wines. It is located at 521 Fleming Street in Key West, Florida, and is a popular spot for both seafood enthusiasts and those looking for a relaxed dining experience in the vibrant heart of Key West.

For those interested in exploring Key West's culinary scene, the Thirsty Mermaid represents a fine example of the local seafood offerings and is a must-visit for fans of oysters and fresh catches. Its convenient location near Duval Street makes it an easily accessible dining choice for visitors staying in or exploring the downtown area.