Little Pearl

632 Olivia St, Key West, FL 33040

(305) 204-4762



Little Pearl in Key West is a charming and stylish nautical-themed bar and restaurant located in the Old Town area, specifically at Olivia and Elizabeth streets. This location sets it apart from the bustling activity of Duval Street, offering a more tranquil dining experience. The interior decor of Little Pearl pays homage to Key West’s maritime heritage with tasteful elements like sea-blue upholstered banquettes, brass lanterns, compasses, and porthole windows, creating an ambiance that's both cozy and evocative of the sea.

The menu at Little Pearl is inspired by the ocean, featuring a variety of seafood dishes. Alongside its culinary offerings, Little Pearl boasts an impressive wine list. The restaurant is known for its knowledgeable staff and the overall romantic and cool atmosphere, making it a recommended choice for a special evening out in Key West.

For those interested in wine, Little Pearl offers a diverse selection, including sparkling, white, red, and even sake options. The list includes choices from various regions and countries, ensuring that there's something to suit every palate. Notably, the restaurant frequently updates and diversifies its wine selection, so guests can always expect something new and exciting.

Overall, Little Pearl stands out as a unique dining destination in Key West, offering a blend of excellent seafood, a diverse wine selection, and an ambiance that beautifully captures the essence of the island's maritime culture.